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Schedule of talks

Date and TimeTopicDetails
22 February 2022 19:30 GMTThe Multicultural Middle Ages (this is a broad discussion and not specifically astrological).Friends of Leicester and Leicestershire Museums At New Walk Museum, Leicester.
24 February 2022 20:00 GMTThe Jewish Calendar: The best of both worlds (not specifically astrological).Jewish Historical Society of England. Online.
14 March 2022 19:15 GMTWhy religious people and scientists should love astrologers. How religion, science, and the history of astrology are intertwined.Astrological Lodge of London. Online.
21 March 2022 19:15 GMTThere are more aspects than you think there are! Traditional astrology normally has just five aspects, but there are other ways that planets can relate to each other.Astrological Lodge of London. Online.
28 March 2022 19:15 BSTModern astrology techniques with an old history.Astrological Lodge of London. Online.
8 April 2022 09:00 PDTEthics: Why medieval techniques aren’t as rigid as they look, and how they can adapt to the modern world.Organisation of Professional Astrologers, i-Astrologer Conference. Online.
9 April 2022 09:00 PDTHistory: Where did our astrology come from?Organisation of Professional Astrologers, i-Astrologer Conference. Online.
15 May 2022 09:00 PDTAcademia: Why scientists should love astrology.Organisation of Professional Astrologers, i-Astrologer Conference. Online.
17 September 2022 19:15Calendars: A shift in time.Astrological Lodge of London. Online, part of a one-day conference.

Check back regularly, as I often give talks to local groups in the UK, both online and in person.