Lord of the Day and Lord of the Hour

A lot of medieval astrological techniques involve knowing the “Lord of the Day” and the “Lord of the Hour”, which are simply the planet ruling the current day, and the planet ruling the current hour respectively. This article will explain how to calculate these – including how to look at a chart and work it […]

It’s a New Year! Or is it?

A lot of us were up on the evening of 31 December 2021, waiting to usher in the New Year. Depending on where you are in the world, this happens at a different time: the first place to welcome in 2022 was the tiny Pacific island of Kiritimati, whose midnight happens at 10:00 GMT, with […]

Is this the dawning of the Age of Aquarius?

The idea of a dawning new age has been around for a long time – but what does it mean astronomically? This short video explains why there are three zodiacs, and what the Age of Aquarius actually means. Further reading on this topic For a good overview of the different systems: ‘Ayanamshas in Sidereal Astrology’ […]

England’s First Astrology Book

I’m delighted to announce that Almuten Figuris Publications’ first book, England’s First Astrology Book, has now been published. This book is a translation of a text written by the English scholar Roger of Hereford some time in the 1170s. The twelfth century in England saw a renaissance of astrological, philosophical, and scientific texts translated from […]

Essential Dignities: Finding your strongest planet

Modern astrology, in its usual presentation within magazine horoscope columns, places a lot of emphasis on the significance of signs of the zodiac. Most people know their “zodiac sign” and a few choice keywords associated with that sign – Virgos are analytical, Capricorns work too hard and so on. In fact, when somebody claims “I’m […]

What is an almuten anyway?

You may wonder why I’ve called this website, and why I’ve given it the title “Almuten Figuris Publications”. In many ways this is just a website about my astrological work, and I’m just a person, not a publishing company. However, when I decided to write a book about Roger of Hereford’s fascinating astrological techniques […]