I’m delighted to have been invited by Joanna Watters to give a course on the beautiful island of Lefkada on medieval astrology. Joanna has been teaching astrology for 30 years, and has been running regular summer schools – for details of all summer schools, check out

All courses run for a week and coincide with flights that arrive on Wednesday. This gives four days of study on Thursday, Friday, Sunday, and Monday, with two free days for boat trips, beach time and so on – or just relaxing!

This course will commence on Wednesday 17 May 2023.

This medieval astrology course is suitable for beginners and experienced astrologers alike, and will demonstrate some of the richness of medieval astrology that you can put to use in your own charts. Here’s an outline of what we’ll be exploring – there are plenty of hands-on practical sessions in an informal and friendly setting:

Stories of the Sky: where does our astrology come from?
The Sky is our Canvas: find your way round the night sky, and why the zodiac is so important.
The Medieval Theatre: meet the cast – the planets.
Who’s in charge around here? Finding your strongest planet. Essential dignities, and a practical session.

Friends and enemies: medieval friendship, aspects, and orbs.
How did I end up in this situation? Accidental dignity, and a practical session.
Working together: reception and a practical.
Welcome to my humble abode: medieval houses.

Give us today our daily bread – Arabic Parts. Find your Part of Fortune.
What’s round the corner? Medieval prediction: profections and solar returns and practicals.

Mapping out your life: Firdaria, and a scary-sounding technique.
Putting it all together: How to do a medieval chart delineation for yourself and others.

Geomancy fortune telling

As well as the sessions on the four study days, I’ll be making a detailed handout available for you to download when you get home, and we’ll have plenty of chances to socialise over a glass or two – and I’ll show you how to do a bit of “quick and dirty” medieval fortune telling!