England's First Astrology Book
England’s First Astrology Book

Picture the scene: it’s the 1170s in Hereford, a small city on the English/Welsh border. The cathedral there had a school attached to it, and one of the schoolteachers, a man known only as “Master Roger“, walked into the classroom and began teaching the students in that class the principles of horary astrology.

This was leading-edge stuff: the skills needed to draw up astrological charts had been lost, and had only recently been rediscovered, thanks to translations of Arabic texts that had just become available. These texts were long and complicated, so Roger compiled them all into a textbook to teach his kids astrology, starting with simple principles and building up. He was the first person in England to do this, which is why I‘ve called this book “England’s First Astrology Book”.

Although Roger and his schoolkids were English, like most books of the time, it was written in Latin. Despite its unique place in the history of astrology, this is the first time that this intriguing textbook has been translated in full. It contains numerous techniques that will be new to most astrologers, and contains not only Roger’s text, but plenty of examples and commentary on how to use them. Try his methods out in your own astrological practice!

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